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Spray Cooler Manufacturer, Supplier in India

Spray cooler manufacturers are used for obtaining powders from molten products like oils, fats, glycerine etc. In the process of spray cooling the products in molten form are sprayed through nozzle or Rotary Disk Atomizer Manufacturer in India in a cooling chamber. This sprayed material is brought in contact with either ambient air or cooled air depending upon the melting point of the product. As the cooling takes place the cooled product in powder form is discharged from the bottom of the cooling chamber. Particle sizes up to 500 microns are possible by spray cooling. For products requiring extra cooling and where the particle sizes in the range of 500 to 2000 microns are required, fluidised spray cooling is recommended. In fluidises Spray Cooler Manufacturer in India, integrated fluid bed dryer is attached at the bottom of cooling chamber just like in the fluidised spray dryer. The fines generated are carried along with air and are separated in cyclone separator or bag filter. The air is handled by centrifugal fans.

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