Spray Dryer Manufacturers/Suppliers in India

Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India

We Shree Sai Equipment are Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India. We provide a wide range of Spray Dryer in India. We are well known as Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India. As per industry norms and standards, we offer premium quality Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India at the international standards level. We are manufacturers and suppliers of various kinds of Spray Dryer as per customer requirements.

Shree Sai Equipment is one of the Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India. Shree Sai Equipments has hands-on experience in Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India and overseas for a wide range of applications.

Shree Sai Equipment has emerged as one of India's leading Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India due to the quality and cost-effectiveness of the spray dryer design. Shree Sai equipment also manufactures and supplies devices such as a flash dryer, fluid bed dryer, spray cooler, and bulk flow cooler across India.

We offer personalized solutions for highly sensitive and useful products in industrial spray dryers, ranging from spray-dried milk to detergents and medicines.

Design of the Best Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India

Within seconds, the spray drying process will dry enormous amounts of liquids and produce the exact size of particles you want. Spray drying creates particles that are readily soluble and can be dispensed rapidly. This technology, ranging from spray-dried milk to detergent, is used because of its quick and reliable nature to generate spray-dried power for many sensitive items.

Working Principle and Benefits of Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India

  • Large-size Spray Dryer - Provides a variety of production capacities from a few Kg/hr to more than 25 Kg/hr with feed rates.
  • Throughout the entire journey of the feedthrough dryer, it helps achieve constant powder consistency.
  • Provides ongoing service and quickly adapts to fully automatic control.
  • The spray drying system matches items that are both heat-resistant and heat-sensitive.
  • It can work with abrasive, corrosive, flammable, explosive, or poisonous feedstock as long as it can be pumped.
  • The Spray Dryer Method can efficiently dry processes with feedstock in various forms - solution, slurry, paste, gel, suspension, or melt form.
  • The method is capable of regulating product density as needed.
  • This process can be used to produce, as desired, almost spherical particles.
  • As the material being processed does not touch the metal surface until it is dry, it poses less risk of corrosion.
  • Shree Sai spray dryers drive substantial reductions in operating costs at various levels of equipment.
  • Conversion of liquids containing dissolved or suspended solids into powder type of necessary requirements, by evaporation of liquids, takes place in a spray dryer. Spray drying is a highly efficient method of drying, with the potential of having near control over the dried powder's particle size, bulk density, and moisture content.
  • The method of Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India involves atomizing the liquid feed into fine droplets using spray nozzles or spinning disks. In a suitably built drying chamber, these fine droplets are brought into contact with hot air.
  • The liquid is vaporized and the solid particles are gathered at the bottom of the chamber in dry form. Either in the cyclone separator or bag filter or wet scrubber, the small particles borne by the air are separated.

Salient Features of Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India

  • Efficiency in manufacturing as per existing industry standards.
  • Pleasant and stable device operator.
  • Lowest cost of service and repair.
  • Minimum time to set up leads.
  • Full automation according to customer demand using a PLC/ DCS based system.
  • Certifications such as CE/ ATEX/GOST-R are issued according to customer requirements.
  • Strong thermal performance, which results in low fuel costs.
  • Low footprint as per factory requirements with templates.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • GMP standards for the food industry and the pharmaceutical sector.

Types of  Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India

Based on the method of atomization, spray dryers are broadly divided into two groups. These are the

Nozzle Spray Dryer Manufacturer in India:

For feed atomization, either two-fluid nozzles or single fluid pressure nozzles are used in nozzle style spray dryers. In order to allow the complete drying of particles, the drying chamber for pressure nozzle style spray dryers must be tall.

This is because the pressure nozzle particles are generally coarse and the spray angles are narrow, causing the drying chamber to have a smaller diameter and height. By varying the feed pressure and nozzle components, the particle size of the dried product can be controlled.

Rotary Atomizer Spray Dryer Manufacturer in India

The atomization is achieved with the aid of rotating disk atomizers in rotary atomizer style dryers. The rotating disc liquid spray pattern is such that a wide diameter of the drying chamber is needed to prevent the particles from sticking to the walls in a partially dried state.

The drying chamber height needed for this form is lower. It is possible to adjust the particle size of the dry product by changing the speed of the spinning disk. The product obtained from this kind of dryer is, in general, fine.

SubTypes of Spray Dryer Manufacturer in India

Depending on the pattern of airflow, the type of emissions control equipment used, the type of air conditioning system used, there are different arrangements for spray dryers. The following are the subtypes of spray dryers that rely on the pattern of airflow.

Co-current Spray Dryer Manufacturer in India 

In this, the top side of the drying chamber joins the hot air as well as a liquid feed. This is a very common form of the configuration used for all heat sensitive items and is recommended.

Counter-current Spray Dryer Manufacturer in India

In this, the liquid feed is sprayed from the top side, and the hot air from the bottom side reaches the drying chamber. For products that can withstand high temperatures, this design is used and a low bulk density product is needed.

Mixed flow Spray Dryer Manufacturer in India

In this, the hot air from the top reaches the drying chamber, and the nozzles installed at the middle or bottom of the drying chamber spray the feed upwards vertically. This configuration is used when the product is required in granular form and the product is not responsive to heat.

Electrical heaters for small-capacity dryers and steam or thermal oil radiators or oil or gas-fired air heaters for production scale spray dryers are used for air heating for drying. Heating using gas oil as a fuel can be direct or indirect.

Direct fired heaters are used for products in which contamination of the combustion products is appropriate. Indirect fired air heaters are used for all additional items. The spray dryers are of the single point collection type or multiple point collection type, depending on the product collection. All the stock is either collected under the drying chamber or below the cyclone separator or bag filter in a single point array.

The fines under the cyclone or bag filter are either pneumatically transferred back to the chamber or transported by a screw conveyor in the case of the single-point collection below the drying chamber.

In the case of the single-point collection below the cyclone or bag filter, the powder along with drying air is transferred from the bottom of the drying chamber to the cyclone or bag filter.

Fluidized Spray Dryer Manufacturer in India

This type of Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India is made up of an integrated fluid bed connected to the drying chamber's rim. To achieve agglomeration and further drying, the partly dried powder is fluidized on the fluid bed. 

For further drying and cooling, the product discharged from the integrated fluid bed is usually passed through a secondary vibrating fluid bed dryer. For the drying and agglomeration of heat-sensitive items such as milk, this type is used.

Closed Loop Spray Dryers Spray Dryer Manufacturer in India

Nitrogen is used as a drying medium instead of air to operate this type of spray dryer and the nitrogen gas is constantly recirculated in the dryer, hence the term closed loop. This form is used as liquid media for the drying of goods containing solvents and the solvent needs to be recovered.

The nitrogen that is inert reduces the possibility of explosion or fire due to solvent vapor heating. The solvent vapors, along with nitrogen, are passed through the pre-cooler and condenser to recover the solvent after drying in the drying chamber and going through the bag filter. After heating, the solvent-free nitrogen is then recirculated into the drying chamber.

Lubrication Type of Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India

  • Force Type Lubrication
  • Wick Type Lubrication

Types of Wheels of Spray Dryer Manufacturers in India

  • Standard Type Wheel
  • Pin Type Wheel
  • Curved Vane Type Wheel
  • Slotted Type Wheel
  • Umbrella Type Wheel
  • Applications
  • Dyestuffs
  • Pigments
  • Food processing
  • Starch
  • Detergents
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Herbal Extracts
  • Food Flavors
  • Ceramics & China Clay

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